Shirts for women, designed by women.

Triptyc London was founded in 2017 to make well designed, quality shirting for women.

We couldn't find a brand that was fully focused around women in the work place, and we had looked hard! So we decided to start our own.

The shirts available to buy on the high street were ill-fitting, badly made and didn't last. In short they were not as good quality as those available to our male colleagues.


The design process is very important to us. We have spent many hours designing our shirts with women in mind. For each shirt the fit is flattering but not clingy, the cuffs are long and feminine and our cotton is thick enough to never show a bra.

The shirts are made from 100% pure cotton in our wonderful factory in London. Each shirt is lovingly hand finished before being sent to us for final quality control.


Quality is key. We believe that shirts should be made to last.