We met up with Ciara Ephson of Fentiman Design at her beautiful Fulham Studio. We asked about how she runs her business, what keeps her motivated and what she likes to wear to work.

What do you do?


I’m an Interior Designer. I focus primarily on residential projects for private clients, but usually have quite a broad range of jobs on at any one time; I’m currently working on a warehouse conversion in Hackney (8 studios and three flats), a large residential project in Kensington and flats in Notting Hill and Pimlico.


What inspired you to set up your own business?


I always knew that I wanted to work for myself, so when the opportunity arose to take on a development project I left my job and set up my own studio, Fentiman Design. I always wanted a career that would challenge me creatively and also from a business perspective, so running my own Interior Design Studio fits the bill perfectly.



What would you usually wear to work?


Dressing for my job can be really tricky as I often have to visit a building site, attend a client meeting and go to supplier showrooms all in one day. Given the industry I work in, it’s really important to be well dressed, but it’s not generally necessary to look overly formal, so a crisp white shirt tends to fit the bill. You’ll usually find me in a shirt and jeans with a coat and boots in winter or jacket and trainers during the summer.


Favourite Triptyc London shirt?


The BOB in white. It’s so easy to wear and I love the deep, slim cuffs.


Where and when would you usually wear your shirt?


During the week for days when I have meetings or need to be out and about whilst still looking presentable.



What is your proudest work moment?


Completing my first solo project was a wonderful moment, but I think being featured in House and Garden twice has been my professional highlight so far. It’s a magazine that I have admired for as long as I can remember, so to have a profile included in it was a lovely moment.


What do you love about having your own business?


I love the creative freedom it offers and also being in charge of my own time. Running your own business can be very challenging, but that makes any achievements so much more satisfying as you know how hard you have worked for them and you alone are responsible for making that happen.


What are your thoughts on sustainability?


Sustainability is really important to me in all aspects of my life, but it is something that I think the Interior Design industry struggles with, as the costs can be prohibitive and supply chains are not always transparent. I feel that we all have a responsibility to promote and specify sustainable design as much as possible though, so I do make a conscious effort to use natural fabrics and antiques whenever I can.